Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Blog

Not really getting on with this blog, so i've started working on a new one, here's the link, if you have found me here please take a minute to come take a look


3 boats Allan..

Wow it's been a busy week, after a 388 mile road trip upto Ipswich to 'NOT' see a boat I was interested in I contacted an old boy who's given up sailing now about his tired Leisure 17 in our boat yard, really I only wanted the trailer, but she came with a lot of gear, spare sails, nav aids, new cushions etc and has had a lot of love in her time, it's sad to see her sitting like that, so i made the decision I would buy her and fix her up.

Nothing wrong with that right?

Well i'd also been talking to a guy about a Leisure 17-SL for sale.. and foolishly managed to talk him down to a price i couldnt ignore.. so in the space of 4 hours, I managed to buy myself 2 Leisure 17's!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Sunday 3rd July 2011

Temp: 23
Wind:13 to 15kt's - Force 4.

After doing some reseach the previous night, it dawned on me yesterdays poor performance was down to the boat trim, mainly the weight in the stern with Me, Kathy and 'Oggy' the outboard weighing in at nearly 470lb's.. quite a lot for the stern of a 14ft boat with a total weight of 580lb's

Before setting off today we tidied the cabin, moved as much weight as far forward as possible, i'd even bought a concrete block from home to store in the forecabin.

We set off from Wilsons at about 11.15 am, this time much more professionally than the previous day, having sussed the Fuel on/Off stickers on the outboard are back to front!

We again stopped at the floating mooring, had some quick lunch then got out the new mail sail, tidied the boat and set off, motored a little but soon as we were out of the navigational channel up came the sails.

Wow what a difference a day makes! with the extra weight in the bow, the extra wind over yesterday and the new sail - Whisper felt like a different boat!

She could tack on demand, head very close to wind and even in fairly choppy seas was totally dry and stable, pulling in the boom to be close hauled still didn't get her heeling at all - i didnt feel uncomfortable or worried once.

I wonder if she gives too much confidence, sailing in an F4 in a 14 ft boat with 130lbs of ballast is probably a time to be thinking about a reef.

Saw an old Leisure 17 sailing on just her genoa.. she was doing a good speed!

Saturday and Sunday 2nd & 3rd July 2011

Saturday 2nd:

Temp 21 degrees
Wind 8-11kt's

Left Wilsons boatyard finally about 11am after sorting out some teething problems with the outboard

moored alongside the floating pontoon to congratulate ourselves on making it that far, hoisted up the old main sail and cast off still under engine.

Once we finally got into some clear water we pulled up the main, unfurled the genoa and killed the engine, Whisper started to move along, a nice slow pace, but didn't want to turn up wind at all, could only sail about 90 degree's to the wind, making it impossible to sail where we actually wanted to go.

Each turn to wind was met with the boat coming to a stand still and blowing herself back away from the wind.